• EFA & Loans up to $500K

  • Terms can range from 6-60 months

  • Additional Collateral is NOT required

  • Most transactions fund within 3 business days

  • All funds are wired into business accounts (only)


  • Minimum 500 FICO w/min 51% Ownership

  • 8 Monthly Deposits w/ min of 6 Months In Business

  • Monthly Dep of $10K with a daily Balances of $1K+

  • Must have a business bank account w/an active biz license

  • Disclosure: Last 3 mo of bank stats & the last 2 years of tax returns


All approvals are subject to additional conditions you must provide or meet to the satisfaction of the Underwriter. You agree to provide the information we request in "good faith" and all information given to us are done honestly; without a deliberate intention to defraud the other party. The conditional approval will stand unless you fail to meet the stipulations the lender lays out. Our credit department will not be able to appropriately process your file if you fail to meet any of the conditions set forth. You may also face a denial if the lender is unable to verify any further data you've provided such as; employment, financials or do not meet their credit criteria. If you take too long to provide the documentation or other information requested, any changes in your income or credit history that have occurred in the meantime will be taken into account.



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Business working capital loans financing solutions.


As the industry continues to expand and the technology changes, so will your business and its overall structure, and having working capital available to your company is a necessity for your business day-to-day operations. Alternative finance lenders enable business owners to attain the capital needed without having a perfect credit score/history.


  • Minimum 500 FICO

  • 8 Monthly Deposits

  • 6 Months In Business

  • Monthly Dep of $10K

  • Daily Balances of $1K

  • Min 51% Ownership

  • Business Bank Account

  • Active Business License


  • Low Rates

  • Unsecured  

  • No Late Fees

  • Bad Credit OK

  • No Restrictions

  • No Payoff Penalties

  • Same Day Approvals

  • No Collateral Needed


  • No Open Tax Liens

  • No Business Startups

  • No Open Bankruptcy

  • Restricted: Auctions

  • Restricted: Auto Sales

  • Restricted: Law Firms

  • Restricted: Collections

  • Restricted: Credit Repair


We collaborate with an extended network of lending resources, that offer diverse financing options from; working capital loans, refinancing, debt consolidation, equipment financing & leasing. Business start-ups and borrowers with limited/poor credit may qualify for other financing programs, specifically design for their particular financing needs.

  • 90% approval rates with no multiple inquiries on your credit

  • Same day approvals, if all documents are submitted by 11, am EST

  • Business start-ups are not accepted / must be in business for 6 mo

  • Terms can range anywhere from 6 - 60 months with no prepayment penalties

  • No open tax liens or bankruptcies are accepted (both) must be paid and settled

  • Some industries are restricted such as auctions, auto sales, law firms, credit repair

  • Financial Disclosure: Last 3 mo of bank stats & last 2 years of tax returns are needed

  • Most transactions are funded within 2 business days from receiving the completed docs

  • Transactions may be structured into loans, EFA, TRAC leases, FMV leases and $1 buyouts


complete a credit application online or 

you may download an application here

and return it to credit@truckerspost.com



within 24 hours  of completing a credit

application an experienced finance

specialist will email you payment options



if approved & the terms are agreeable, the

deal will be funded once the documentation

package has been completed & returned


Working Capital is ideal for business owners that are seeking to purchase new/used equipment, hire new employees, use advertising services, make store improvement / renovations, etc. Use the funds to manage your company's cash flow to keep your business functioning and operating normally – especially during periods of low working capital.