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DOT truck inspection is something that all professional truck drivers must go through on an annual basis. This is to ensure that their vehicles are up to federal standards and are safe to operate on the roads. Your truck and trailer inspections will be performed by a qualified inspector in accordance with FMCSR’S 49CFR 396.17 through 396.23.


We are proud to offer annual DOT inspections to keep you and your truck on the road. Our network of  trained and certified inspectors will give your truck a thorough once-over, checking for any compliant issues. We know that your truck is your livelihood, so we take great care in making sure it is up to DOT standards. Don't risk being pulled over and fined - get your DOT truck inspection today!


Our Inspectors are Certified and Trained in Accordance with FMCSA’s 49CFR 396-.17 through 396.23


Note:  DOT’s are typically provided in the following areas IL, NJ, PA, OH, FL, GA, AL, TN, AR, TX, CA, AZ and Kansas City. You'll receive the DOT annual inspection form and decals (stickers).


Mobile (Onsite) Annual DOT Truck Inspection

  • A full FMCSA annual inspection should take anywhere from 30 minutes up to about 1 hour.

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