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How To Make Money Driving Your Pickup Truck, Cargo Van or Box Truck (Independently)


We've all heard of companies like Uber & Lyft providing access to their platforms where drivers can earn unlimited income within their own schedule. This same service is also offered by many companies that contract large and small local delivery service providers (like yourself) and technical installers across the country to deliver consumer or business items such as furniture, fitness equipment, major appliances and more.

Although these companies offer work security, they have requirements that need to be met, such as background checks, driving history, verifiable working references, a vehicle inspection to ensure it's in road worthy conditions, etc. However, the earning potential is unlimited with possibilities to start a delivery service business.


Amazon has an awesome delivery partner program with 2 options to pick from: Amazon Flex hires individuals who would like to deliver packages using only their car and smartphone; the Middle Mile Provider's program designed for fleet owners with DOT# and an MC# who will haul loads only for Amazon. Amazon's Flex program is not yet available nationwide and is currently in 30 cities. If you cannot find your location, they give you the option to join the waiting list.

(Here's a brief overview on both programs)

Amazon Flex:

This program is ideal for regular people looking to earn money on their own schedule. Amazon pays $18-$25/hour and their process is similar to Uber's service but instead of picking up & dropping off people to the desired location, you're going to pick up, scan, load your packages and deliver them to their destination, all with the help of their convenient Amazon Flex App that is compatible for both Apple & Android smartphones.

The app is the key to making your deliveries, allowing you to set your own schedule (notifying Amazon) when you want to make deliveries, you'll also be able to scan the packages, check on your earnings and find out where to deliver.

Pretty cool huh?...

Middle Mile Providers:

This program is for the established last-mile businesses that own a fleet of at least 5 cargo vans or similar vehicles that are 200 cubic feet or larger with an active USDOT# and MC#'s. Amazon does not state on their website what the pay rate is going to be.

However, with our experience within the logistic industry and Amazon requiring fleet owners to have USDOT/MC#'s before applying, if Amazon's objective is to become a full-fledged logistics company, the payout will most likely be structured to pay the middle mile providers per mile or pay by the load for connecting you to the shippers.


Amazon's Flex Delivery Program is based on approval. They'll require for you to complete a background check application, have a valid license, a qualifying smartphone and a 4-door, mid-sized sedan or larger vehicle. Amazon's Middle Mile Provider Program is also based on approval. Businesses must be fully licensed with insurance, have an active USDOT/MC#, have workers' comp and own a fleet of of 5+ cargo vans or similar vehicles.



Goshare is the intermediary party between independent drivers and customers that need help with moving, hauling, and delivering large items on demand. Their proprietary mobile and web technologies connect people who have a truck or cargo van with other people or businesses that are need of moving/delivery services. Goshare's process is comprehensive, and drivers can earn anywhere from $47.52 - $61.92/hour (depending on the type of vehicle you own).

This opportunity is only available to those residing within the following places: San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Atlanta, and parts of New Jersey with plans to expand internationally.


All delivery professionals must be 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license, active auto insurance and registration. All vehicles must be 2001 or newer and pass a 21 point inspection. Drivers must pass a background check, driving history check and cannot have felonies, DUI's or violent misdemeanors in the last 7 years. You'll need a working Android or Iphone to download their app and have a checking account to receive direct deposits.



Uship serves as third-party platform that connects carriers to people or businesses that are need of delivery services mainly for the following categories: household goods, vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, LTL & FTL freight, horses/livestock, industrial, moving (like home/office furniture, etc.) and even pets! Signing up as a carrier can be done online where they give you the option to choose whether you prefer to operate locally, internationally or in preferred states.

Finding Shipments:

Shipments can easily be found on their website where you can search by category, origin, destination, service type and pricing. Unlike other companies that pay per hour, uship allows carriers to bid against each other for the shipments. Carriers can also accept a set price offered by the shippers or they can publish instant rates for shippers to book instantly.

Carrier Tools:

uShip is equipped with many tools that carriers will need to ensure the process goes smoothly each time. They have a mobile app where you can find, book and manage your shipments swiftly all in the palm of your hand. Receive shipment alerts based on your chosen category, location and listing type if a shipment is posted that matches your criteria, uShip will notify you instantly via email.

Uship offers a "Hassle-free payment on delivery" process where carriers will get paid immediately upon completion. You can see for yourself below 😎


Carriers who engage in the transportation of goods must have a valid license/CDL to operate the vehicle they intend to use. The carrier's liability for any cargo damage, loss, or theft from any cause shall be determined under the presiding, applicable law. On certain shipments shippers may have the option to purchase the uShip Cargo Insurance coverage offered by Lloyd’s of London through Roanoke and McGriff, Seibels & Williams read more.


Service providers like the ones listed above, can work for those that want to earn some extra cash on a part-time schedule or for those that are looking into turning it into a full-blown business. These platforms offer reliable tools and mobile apps to ensure the process is done efficiently (on both ends) between you and the customer.

You can build a legitimate delivery business utilizing platforms like these. If your objective is to start and run a delivery business, you can start off by filling for an LLC/EIN# and drive on your own for several months until you've grasped the knowledge along with the hands-on experience of the daily operations, so that when you're ready to expand, you can do so by adding a second vehicle/driver to earn more money $$.


DOT/FMCSA apply for a US DOT or own authority with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Truck Financing Solutions apply for a work truck/van/semi-truck loan w/less than perfect credit

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